Interesting article by McKinsey that talks about companies with an investor mindset.  That is they see an opportunity and then invest in it.

A good example is social transformation.  If we take social selling as a starter as it's a revenue generator.  We would expect incremental revenues increases of 30% and we have clients that are signing multi-million $ deals by using social.  So not only do revenues go up but the departments is more efficient and effective.  But social selling by itself is just a random act of social.

You need to transform the whole company to social, so that you can gain similar efficiencies and effectiveness across the business.  We are now therefore seeing companies taking the margin they are making with social and investing that across, marketing, supply chain, HR, procurement, customer service, finance, innovation etc.  So that companies can be truly social.

PS: We are the only company in the world, that do this!