We bump into a number of companies that say to us "we employed a PR agency and nothing happened".

The article below below talks about what a PR agency does and it feels to me all a bit 1980s.

One of the issues that companies often don't realise when they market or look to spread their message is that driving people to the best web site in the world, the best landing page in the world.  Created by the best design agency and PR company IS pushing water uphill.

Rewind to 1980 or 1990 of course we would have gone and had a look, because it would have been unique.  In 2018 this is all just noise.  I get these press releases sent to me on email.  They are totally unreadable, writing in business jargon. 

They are looking for me to take action and I do.

1. I set up a rule so anymore press releases go straight into my junk folder.

2. I delete the email.

Me, like the rest of the public are on social, why are people not talking to me there?

I'm sorry but the days of "Fabulous Canapes" are over!