There is something you have that nobody else has.  Which people recognise when you walk in the room, people have fallen in love with it, people look out of it, people resonate with it, people respect it.

This makes you different, in other words differentiates you from the competition.  Better than the best written marketing brochure, better than the best advert and better than anybody can segment / persona / or whatever the latest digital marketing buzzword.

You can use this to sell your way at the highest levels, get meetings, get people to come to you and buy.  You just need to use it.

What is it?  Your personality!

Nobody else has it, it's the greatest gift you will ever get ..... now you need to use it.  Stop relying on everybody else and use the gift you were given.


Start blogging.  There are 8, not 7 types of content a salesperson can use and the 8th is the most powerful there is.  Write them yourself.

People love authenticity.  People love the fact you are going to put your heart on your sleeve, and people will respect you for it.

Don't be scared, by being authentic, people will love, respect and support you.  Because you are doing something other people cannot.  You know it's time.  Good luck!