70% of people would prefer to learn about your company through a blog ....

If we think about the way we work ourselves, nobody looks at adverts anymore and corporate marketing is the same, it's just become noise and we filter it out.

Everybody says they are the best, they are number one, the largest.  I remember a recruitment agency that used to tell people, they were the agency with the highest square footage office.  There were 4 people sitting in this massive office.

When I talk with generation y and generation z people they hate "sales pitches" and the constant noise even more so.  You can have the best images, the best copy, written by the best ad agency in the world but broadcast and interruption marketing no longer works.

So what you going to do?  A piece of advice do not get an agency to write content for you.  Empower the people who know the most about your products and services, those people who are most passionate about your products and services.  Yes your employees! The more blogs, the more indexed pages, you can in fact "shout" out your competition with interesting, insightful, educational materials that people want to read.

Just the medicine for 2018!