Apple is putting more limitations around email marketing and in-app advertising.

The company will introduce Mail Privacy Protection for the Apple mail app. This prevents senders from knowing whether a user opens an email, and it will hide IP addresses so that senders can’t link that action to other online activity or determine a user’s location.

Yet another nail in the stalking intrusive, fraud ridden programmatic ad tech sector no doubt.

I was reading an article recently that said marketeers were struggling to work out how to 'communicate' with customers as the data points they previously had access to from those paid media adverts had mostly disappeared as a result of this crisis, GDPR, Ad Blocking and budget cuts.

In a world where pre-covid marketing had been reduced to the communications department this doesn't really surprise me, but it does worry me.

I won't bore you with the details but I once built and sold the 5th largest data and e-mail marketing business in the UK. 

We did this at a time when companies were trying to work out how to gather e-mail addresses and use this relatively new marketing tool for something that replaced the postal stamp, envelope etc.

As such they, and our competitors were focused on a model of 'how low can you go' which basically reduced the medium to a commodity sale.

Instead we decided to focus on using the medium to better help businesses build relationships in order to create longer term value. 

With the introduction of 'programmatic' ad tech it seemed like CMO's became the ad-tech servants and ad-tech became the master with the consumer paying the CX price.

The economic impact of the coronavirus crisis on the advertising industry has laid bare the ugly truth of ad tech: that many in the ad-tech ecosystem were media resellers, despite positioning themselves as tech companies. We all know why this is: source AdWeek

It turns out that the digital advertising industry has two problems. 

The one you’ve probably heard more about is simply loss of budgets     . 

The other being the continued rise of ad blockers, ad skipping and the impact on GDPR.

Oh, and of course a combination of Apple's so called pursuit of protecting our privacy as described in the article in the link below, and Google's Goose that's not looking to keep laying Golden Ad Spend at previous rates under a similar guise.

App Tracking Transparency, which launched with iOS 14.5, is Apple's new privacy feature that requires apps to ask permission to track you. Users can also turn off tracking for all apps by default.

So, brands need to be thinking less about push advertising and more about creating media messages and 'storytelling' that people can become involved with and are more likely to share within their peer group and family.

There are over 60% of the worlds population on one social network or another around the world. 

Trust me there are plenty of people who will be interested in your story.

By sharing what you know, and 'why' you do what you do will draw the right people to your stories, in turn those stories will draw the right people (customers) to you and will help filter out those that don't - just as in real life!