When I first moved into sales, it was cat and mouse and Billy Big-time that seemed to be the call of the floor.

Everyone looking to play the part in a tough, sales crowded market, "We are the best, no we are… no my shirts better than yours…. No mine is… my cars bigger and faster. No mine is."

It was scary but fun in equal measure as you raised your game, through listening, effort and sleepless nights.

It was the only way at times…..Pick up the phone and start dialling….. Numbers game…. Deal, deal and another deal. Next.

The number on the back and KPIs to the hilt. Blinkers on, not a clue what else is going on.

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Now those were the days….. And a long time ago and we know that things have changed from those days and we are in 2021 now, and tech and people have moved on, digital ways are here…….….. Sorry, WHAT.

People are still like that, still teaching that way..what…they are still bashing the keypad and trying….to get on the…phone… and emailing… follow up….. and marketing campaigns are still sent to 1000 people with 5% at best uptake on return?


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I have done my time on that playing field.

I played that game a long time ago.

I will not go back to those days. Good or bad.

I have taken a step towards reality and a better way of working.



The smarter way to have conversations, without the next guy telling me, he or she has been there, don’t do that, check the CRM, send that out… only after that…. Follow that up from that…… NO!!!!!!!!!!!

With social selling an influence, your time online is yours, what you post, how you network, who you talk to, with strategy, mix and flow of content and engagement which can lead to conversations and trust, and pipeline.

Social Selling & Influence Transformation

moves the goalpost in terms of what can be achieved by standing out, telling us what you know, again and again, finding a spot, creating a desire, answering a question or challenge that will (if you are prospecting well) lead to interactions when businesses are ready to purchase.

 Imagine that. PEOPLE AND BUSINESSES can be lead to you.

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You are now in complete control of your opportunities, control of your flow of content, in control of your prospecting and leads, engagement and conversations, online and offline.


  • Fully optimised buyer-centric profile
  • Customised content flow of business insights and interests
  • Networking, multi-threading and prospecting across the team.
  • Interaction with clients and prospects on their activity.
  • Writing blogs on a daily basis and creating a spot for your knowledge to be viewed
  • Trusted network starting to grow, the audience doubling down on your content.
  • Engagement levels rise, interactions lead to conversations.
  • Commercial decisions are being discussed and you have a front-row seat


Because it is YOUR passion, YOUR writing, YOUR profile and YOUR audience and trusted network that see YOU and who YOU are.

Why in 2021 do you want to keep swimming in the same lane like everyone else. Or everyone else still living in 1995.

With social selling transformation, the whole team can be involved.

The red tape is removed. You can work together and become a social organisation.

This takes you away from the noise of the old methods and hope and brings you front and centre with strategy and authenticity. Away from the 1990s and into the new future of work.

The calm place where you can actually remove the corporate mask and show us the real person, the human, the passion, that draw us and your prospects closer to you.

This is a fun and rewarding place to be. Social done well, with strategy and flow can lead to wonderful conversations. B2B is the landing place.

RISK. Not doing it.

REWARD. Business growth, now and forever. Pipeline intact.

I am having weekly calls with people who are looking for change. A new direction and a chance to be who they want to be. But as a team, pulling in the same direction, with a common goal in mind. To be a social organisation that empowers the social journey and transforms the forecast, giving social control back to the people.

I will be online if you want to talk around this.


Be you. Be social