For years I would call myself the 'Hunter' if someone asked me what kind of Salesperson or Business Development person I was.

I put myself in the category of 'HUNTER' as this was defined as the person who went out and actively looked for 'NEW LOGOS' and new opportunities.

The 'FARMER' kind was more of the account management based type. A great skill in itself as you look after your clients with value, insights, support and changes in the market.

I was always keen to see what else was out there, who are we not talking to and why.

If we look at the typical traits below for these roles, we can see the differences clearly.


  • Account Executive, Field Sales, Business Development
  • Love a challenge, thick skin and can handle rejection
  • Hungry, eager, hard yards, doesn't need convincing to sell more.
  • Mainly motivated by commission. (although I wasn't)
  • Expert in building rapport exudes confidence


    • Account Manager, Customer Service, Inside Sales
    • Customer loyalty, customer-centric
    • Build rapport over time, true friends to the customer.
    • Connecting on social media platforms
    • Top of mind with the customer
    • Liked and trusted, repeat business, referrals.
    • Long term relationships

  • As we now stand in a digital landscape that has accelerated through the pandemic and working from home, the two roles above will have to be re-shaped and remodelled for the employee looking to start the journey into sales in this new world.

    The HUNTER in particular will be a term that may dry up over time, field sales will be tougher than ever as we move to a more user-friendly buyer-centric approach to b2b interactions. The FARMER has more of the skills and qualities to remain in place, but the new employee in this discipline will have to follow the description and new buying trends to include SOCIAL SALES into the repertoire.


    • Creates insight through content and knowledge share
    • Multi-threads at scale online in prospecting and network growth
    • Seeks out interaction through other interests and content
    • Develops a strong bond with there network that trust them
    • Brings empathy to online interactions and conversations
    • Sees social as a platform for closing the gap between prospects and clients
    • Influences others internal and external around the company culture
    • Develops relationships over time and becomes a trusted partner
    • Is themself and not a brand

  • I once was the 'HUNTER' but now I am the 'SOCIAL'.

    I will not be going back to where I was....................EVER.

    This path I have taken has shown me a more user-friendly, dedicated approach to sharing insight, being interested in others first, open and honest about what I believe in and why I do this now. The journey opened my mind and the door to a better way.

    I now create content plans weekly, I connect and network at scale with people and businesses that interest me, have conversations and coach clients to join this journey.

    Social is not something we do, its something we take advantage of.

    I feel in a much better place than I was when I first moved to Perth. My life was in Aberdeen, my network was local, my knowledge and process were all I had.

    But the answers and opportunity I was given to change were embraced.

    Social Selling & Transformation does not just fall into the SALES role. It can move across multiple departments, as a business looking to stand out and move with these digital times.

    When Gartner tell us that 80% of B2B interactions will be online come 2025, WE NEED TO LISTEN. When they tell us that buyers don't really want to see or need to see a salesman again in the process, WE NEED TO LISTEN.

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    When a client plays out the roadmap online in a blog and shares the data and the difference it has made to the business and employees, WE NEED TO LISTEN.

    Today as I write this and put it inside my content plan, I look at what I have already achieved in a short space of time. Not in monetary terms, but in confidence, trust, creative, ability, curious, writing, imaginative ways I know that I have done the right thing and I will continue to commit to this, and commit to my clients, as this has changed everything.

    This is a full-tilt from the old ways of working that we know doesn't work.

    And using your time, your employee's courage and enthusiasm and moving from analogue to digital and owning your share of voice on social.

    So, your reading this and your thinking. I don't get it. But I need it. I want change.

    Then message me, call me, invite me on a zoom.

    Because this is where I will be. Having conversations with people.

    Be you. Be social.

    Enjoy Friday.