Daily, I look around social media for messages of change, challenges, insight and information that tells me what the pandemic has meant for businesses, their people, ways that many are innovating, enhancing the customer offering or showcasing new ways of working in our already exhausted COVID working from home environment.

I reach out and connect with people daily and comment on content that interests me. This is because they have created content with insight about them and the business they are in, and as I read or watch, I want to know more.

INSIGHT is what makes us become a stand out business. This is where we can learn about the business workings, the new technology, the ways we work and how are employees are adjusting to the last 12 months, backed up by digital changes in transformation and the future of work.

Take the print industry for example. A great memory in my sales career for sure.

The latest offering from print giant Konica Minolta on 2021 Production Print insights.

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With the world mostly in remote mode just now, and offices likely to remain empty for months yet, they have introduced a virtual showroom to enhance the service and product offering in a safe online and virtual way. Explore, play, interact and find a solution.

I actually want to book a demo. But I have no office and no need right now. But a quality production print done well, on a weighted, textured paper, stapled or bounded is a winner for me.

Resellers and MPS providers of the fantastic brand and kit should be looking at this kind of insight. Jump on and share this with your network and customers, this is fantastic. Let your employees share their thoughts on how and why this can help there customers, and why they are passionate about these advances in digital and remote interactions. Each employee sharing there take on it, on social, with emotion and intrigue attached to it. Imagine the reach.

Ricoh tells us about the 'Essential Skills for Leaders of the Future'.

A quite simply stand out framework for any aspiring leader in this and other sectors.

They tell us about what it takes to inspire the trust of your team.

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  • TWO-WAY LEARNING - shared values, experiences, motivation, collaboration
  • DIVERSITY - Your team's strength lies in its people. Support can maximise potential.
  • ADAPTABILITY - Changing workplace and industry. Digital is here and gaining pace.
  • AUTHENTICITY - Digital information is easy to come by. Show customers you care.

Now, although larger players in the print sector, this traffic will mainly be driven by marketing and then liked and shared from the corporate page, these key insights and valuable information should filter down to all the resellers and MPS providers who can provide this information for their customers.

But not only that, your business and employees can suggest other insights to engage and educate prospects and clients into what they are doing as businesses and employees move into these new territories and changing landscapes. What insights are you giving them?

As Gartner tells us:

B2B buyers are now preferring to engage through digital and self-service channels.

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They also go onto say that by 2025 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels.

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Fascinating and scary stats from the world-leading global advisory in this B2B industry.

So what does this mean for you and your business, and your employees?

If you have thought about the digital and social selling arena, but you are too busy or too confused by all the noise and information out there. Then it is time for leadership.

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When we take our clients on the digital transformation journey we put arms around all that they do. We turn the noise up on what they are sharing, creating insight and employee advocacy and in turn, this turns the noise down on their competition.

Digital dominance can be found and your voice and space in this arena can be heard.

The road is long and the coaching is world-class. But once we take you on this road, you will never turn back again. The path will become clear and the ownership and status of trust, influence and honesty is yours to own.

Employees feel empowered, they create content daily, the message is being amplified across there network, your network, the networks of others.


As the pandemic path and outlook becomes clear, and the roadmap is laid out for some normality in this world, we ask ourselves what will B2B normality look like.

It will look like this. Digital, Online and with Influence.

Share some insight with me. Happy to chat about your industry and your people.

Have a great Friday and enjoy the weekend.



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