I start this story in the sport mode. Teamwork in sport and athletes has always been a big word and the obvious method to greatness. As a 'TEAM'.

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Having watched ‘The Last Dance’ a while back on Netflix. It was in this story that MJ was the standout player and go-to for the Bulls and the wins they required.

But in order to remain consistent and committed. They needed the whole team to contribute to the aim. Win the title. Then win it again. And again. TEAMWORK.


MJ said himself.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships


This was so true back in the day when the Bulls ruled the roost.

MJ was clearly the star but the whole team had other skills to bring to the party. Phil and MJ had to bring out these skills, desire, and hunger to win and be the best. As a TEAM.


I remember my early golfing years.

I was in the Pennant team for Hazelhead and we were 5th pair out. Stuart Gibb and I.

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I was like Faldo (swung like Couples) with a safe two-putt par, and Stuart would rake one in from 30ft for birdie like Brad Faxon back in the day.

I knew I had that on my side and it made me feel comfortable about what I had to do.

We had a good team. But not a great team.

Individually Murcar (our match) were better than us.

But we worked as a team. Always looking at the best pairings and not singles to get the best out of one another.

That day stays with me amongst many golf days. We won 41/2 to 11/2. Thrashed them. They were heavy favourites. They had singles talent though. They didn’t use the team to work better pairings. Over-confidence got in the way too.


 So. Enough about sport. We know this makes sense.


Right now. WFH and teams will all be needing to pull together in the same direction.

All departments will be on calls and working towards a goal. In short. The core of any business is the people and the WHY. The results. Product or service. Commercials have to drive the business.

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Right now all departments should be talking, discussing what works, looking at the competition. What’s working. What part of our new COVID and WFH budget can we turn to new ways?

How do we sell in a pandemic? Coming together and working smart. The answers can be found.

How do we sell in a Pandemic? - BLOG 👈


We are all online. Everyone. This is where you can do your best work. This is where you can share the WHY. Share the knowledge, promote the team and individuals. Grow your network. Find your prospects. Speak to people. Have multiple conversations. Then this may lead to a commercial chat.


Why. Because you opened up, you shared stories on Linkedin of you and the business. The team were on the same page. The message is spread wide and the business was populated with connections who all saw content that had intrigue and they saw more.


You built some trust with them by the human elements of listening and having permission.

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There may be a champion or champions among each business. With 722 million people on this platform, the opportunity to share your knowledge is HUGE. Grow your network. HUGE. Build trust and have conversations. HUGE.


But at the ends of the day. TEAMWORK will win the long haul.


 Phil Jackson also (Bulls Coach) said....

“Good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the Me for the We.”

 Have a think about what you and your team are doing. And look at social as the answer.


Then we can talk some more.

The path is clear and takes time. It is strategic in approach and puts effort at the core.


But once you get there and the gold happens.

You will not go back. This will be part of the planning and budgets every year. DNA every day of every week, of every year. And the team will just get stronger. Online with presence and a growing network.

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My favourite quote from the Bulls team was Denis Rodman. 👈

"Don't let what other people think decide who you are."


Be yourself as an individual, but work with a team to create a force to win.

Teams. Tuesday. Together. Trust.


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