Pre Covid-19 we saw lots of retail companies in different sectors who 'said' they were keen to change. 

As we now know many of them didn't move quickly enough and this prolonged pandemic has simply accelerated what would have been a slow terminal decline.

Change is pretty scary for many people, particularly if it seems like it's your job that could be cut as part of that change. 

The reality is that even though we might say we embrace change we prefer structure, order, and the familiar - so we end up just taking an incremental approach to change which in effect doesn't really change anything does it? 

But what if you had a crystal ball, what do you think you would have done different if you knew how quickly this crisis was going to hit people, countries, economies and business. 

This crisis is asking for all business leaders to 'lead' like never before. Employees, suppliers and customers alike are all looking for some degree of consistent communication in the same way people in countries everywhere wait with baited breath for the daily televised updates from our elected leaders. 

The communication doesn't need to be dressed up like a January Sale window, it needs to be truthful, authentic, and consistent. 

What do we get........

Emails from companies who we hadn't heard from for years suddenly clogging up our inbox to let us know 'how important we are in this time of crisis

Apart from a few really great leaders who make sure they're always front of mind I've noticed the majority (CEO's and CMO's in particular) seem to be particularly absent on the 'free to use' social platforms everyone (including employees and suppliers) around the world are now accessing at a much greater rate than ever before.

"If ever there was a better time for companies to think about using social media as an enterprise wide 'strategic opportunity' including upskilling the workforce for employee advocacy training I don’t know what is"?