In my career in sales, I have covered two main landscapes and sectors.


Managed Print and Freight Forwarding & Logistics.

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Both very different sectors and perhaps both very different in lead times from lead to prospect to win.


In the early days of my print career, I was bashing the phones. Making appointments. Seeking the add values to ‘why us’, efficiencies, save money on X.

Cancelling agreements writing out business in 5 yr terms at ££. Win. And it was quick.

5 deals a month would be the ratio as you got up to speed with a solid pipeline and network.


Now take that forward step years later to Logistics and Freight Forwarding, I was told from the outset what to expect.

 No quick wins, longer lead times, more structured tender and frameworks to go after and win.

Granted you could get a 'trial' shipment or two but this was going to be either a hit or a miss depending or your knowledge of the customer profile, what they did and where and how can you build the trust and relationship early without that... PRICE WILL NOT CUT IT.

Less of an in and out business more of a ‘what is different about you from them. We all move freight. We all use the same Carrier and agents.

How do you stand out?

This was a good lesson and project to get my head around. But the theory was right.

How do you stand out?


In print. It was apples for apples on cost at the time.

How we stood out was about us, who we were, how we were positioned locally, who was our back support and aftercare locally. Can we speak to you? Locally. Yes. The kit was good too. Top of the pops. In BLI terms. If the kit was winning awards this was a great sell on efficiency, price, performance and robust to do the job in a busy workplace.

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In logistics. Again. Same Carriers and agents mainly. Same numbers against what margins we good squeeze to beat them on price.

How do we become better and offer more???

 At PAN we had the Charter Service. Dedicated 747 for your freight. It came at a price.

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 At DSV they had Xpress. One-stop courier service for all your smaller shipments without the hassle of another agent (DHL UPS) taking care of it.

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 Now, these add value areas are all good and well and can sometimes separate you from the pack but there are other lt ways to stand out.

Other ways to track new leads and prospects.

It is online and on social!

LinkedIn is the largest business social network on the plant. Over 722 million and counting.

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There are many ways to target and seek out good connections which form good relationships which form good opportunities for NEW business short and long term.


These methods can reduce sales cycles by 40% and increase sales by 30% on inbound.


All by being active and being human with what you do and say and provide your audience with on LinkedIn.


They are looking for YOU online. They want to be engaged. They want to know what you can bring to their table. And why you are the 'go-to' in your specific sector.


Gartner tells us that Purchasing is 57% through the path before they even engage with vendors for solution product or service…. Are you visible to them????

They will only use 17% of allotted time to meet with potential suppliers

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Do they know you exist?

If you have had some trouble in 2020. You are not alone. Many others would have seen the pipeline and leads dry up and disappear…. This is not your fault….. The pandemic affected us all. Business and personal.


Mindsets have changed, the landscape is different…. But at the end of the day.


As both a person and in a business how you spend your time now WFH is how your year and the following years will line out.

This strategic way of winning business is not an overnight success. There will be no 'QUICK WINS' in this method. You have to have champions willing to take on the strategy, develop the project and methods and begin (as a team) changing the way you approach the new way of inbound and lead generation in the DIGITAL space.

 What are you going to do in 2021? What new methods of interaction are you looking at and wanting to test out.

 Having been in both the above sectors, I know what was and is still required to win business and be relevant in today's marketplace.

Like it or not. Things are going to be the same this year as 2020. People are WFH. LOCKDOWN is in full motion.


 Invest your time wisely. All it takes is a strategy, a belief, teamwork, effort, trust and hard work to commit to your daily routine by being active on social and being relevant and standing out in your sector. DO YOU WANT THIS?

I am looking for discussion from all personnel on Linkedin who work in the above sectors and want to tell me how things are, what is working, what they are looking at and if they want to look at other ways of working smart.

Some I will already know, but others are new connections and I really want to know how last year was, and as above, are you looking to 'GET BY' again or challenge the status quo and change direction to an improved strategic and enjoyable way of working.

The ROI is worth the time. The stats are there. I can show you if you like. Businesses are enjoying the ride to content creation and digital interactions and are on the road to success.

I genuinely have an interest in these sectors and still, keep an eye on all things print and logistics.

 So talk to me. Lets zoom, skype, or teams…. Would love to hear from you.

 Perhaps I can shine a light on social for you… and your business. Happy to.

 Until then. Stay strong and stay safe.


Kevin Milne


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