If you work in marketing you convince yourself that everyone is looking at your brand and company, yet the reality couldn't be further from the truth.

The reality is that what seems vitally important to you when you have your 'marketing hat' on isn't really as important to me as you think it is.

When I talk to leadership and marketing teams I ask them to tell me the last 3 digital adverts they saw today that wasn't about their company/brand, and what (if anything) they did about them.

The answer of course they can't remember them so couldn't do anything anyway

This is because pre-Covid people were bombarded with brand messages (adverts) of circa 4k -10k per day across multiple devices.

My next question to the leadership team is "so why do you think consumers will do anything different than you"

My personal view is that this is an imposed 'tax on the unremarkable' and a great example of how marketing has been reduced to being nothing more than the communications department. 

What's happened is that we've all started to disengage with the corporate message, basically the level of trust has been diluted which in turn means we no longer relate to, or trust what you're saying is true.

As marketing returns to the workplace be it from home or the daily grind to/from the office things will not be the same for sometime to come.

Budgets are already decimated in favour of keeping the lights on, along with the internal and external agency support that marketing has relied on to keep the corporate bullhorn sausage machine going.

The days of trying to 'buy' attention is well and truly over. 

But volume isn’t the only problem, as ads are becoming ever more intrusive, inescapable and noisy due to advances in technology and data science. People are constantly bombarded with digital junk, triggering ad fatigue and banner blindness. Everywhere we go, we’re greeted by unwarranted ads -- tags and cookies follow us from place to place -- insisting we buy things we’ve already bought or have no intention of buying.

A surplus of bad advertising is overpopulating people’s screens and feeds. 

Today there is a significant move to brands that invest in 'earning' that attention.

Whilst there are many ways a company can go about this consumers are today providing us with the opportunity to do this via 'social media'.

So, whats your social strategy going to look like?