Social media has changed the world.

Turn on the TV News and the news will be about social media.  Who has tweeted what.  People no longer have to write press releases and hope journalist will pick them up, you can speak straight to the public using social media.

The same with launching a business.  I was in a marketing brainstorming session this week and the facilitator was explaining about how launching a product in the past took money and effort.

All you need to do now is open a Twitter account, which is free.  The only cost is your time.

More importantly, people can talk back.  Which is a conversation.  Just think, no longer do we need to stand on top of a building and shout about our products and services, we can have a conversation.

A conversation with prospects, a conversation with customers, a conversation with employees, a conversation with future employees, a conversation with alumni, a conversation with suppliers.

This is decentralised power.  No longer is it that the biggest companies or the deepest pockets control the world or shout the loudest.

Using ourselves as a case study, we became a global company in two years.  We are a start-up with only a small bunch of dedicated people and with little resource.

Does social media rule the internet?  You bet it does!

It's time for you to realise this and to go with it.

If we look at Simon Kemp's Q4 Digital Snapshot

There are 3.75 Billion people in the world active on social media.  Your prospects are on it, your customers are on it, your staff are on it, your alumni are on it and your future employees are on it.

This may sound daunting but why not start with transforming sales and then moving out from there!