This short video (link below) on the BBC news site caught my attention earlier this week.

It talks about how one company FabFitFun a US firm which sends boxes of discounted goods to its subscribers - beauty, fashion and health products that are aimed mostly at women found that by treating it's customers as 'all knowing' has helped to grow the brand, and provide insights previously unknown.

In summary the CEO says that the power of social media no longer means that disgruntled customers deal with his company on a one to one basis, they now are empowered to tell all their friends and more - clearly something we all know about, right?

We know about the dangers of social media to circulate fake news, along with it sometimes being the 'go to' place to voice anger about service issues. 

A lot of companies just see social media as either a place to 'advertise and promote' but not listen, and/or a crisis management platform for when things go wrong.

If you took the time to step outside your comfort zone as this CEO has done you'll find it's a gateway to reducing your marketing cost, getting closer to existing and new customers, and gaining insights around your brand and company that allows you to be ahead of the curve.

Or, you can continue to use it for the same thing you're doing today, and wait for your nearest competitor to unleash the real Superpower's there are in Social Media and truly upend your company.