Are you an avid 'Ad skipper', or an Ad blocker, or maybe even both?

More and more of us are finding ways to block out or skip those annoying and intrusive ads, so much so the ad tech industry is in free fall especially when circa 50% -70% of every dollar spent is going to ad bot fraudsters.

The article (link below) shares some stats on what I call 'tolerance' levels of the audiences exposed to adverts in the online space, the article is written in my opinion to help justify the madness with ad tech, and the significant decline in the associated creative industry from advertising days of yore.

It's telling us that with the Tsunami of intrusive advertising that's constantly clogging up our browsing and viewing experience that today brands have just 2.4 seconds to get their message across, which as I say surely is utter madness?

'Content Discovery' by definition puts you and me in control, we are happy to spend more time on subject matters that we can relate to, and during that time we are also open to other topics as long as the content is in context with where we started our 'discovery' in the first place.

We don't think in terms of 'dwell time' but that's a pretty powerful metric because it also creates a high degree of engagement and genuine interest. I for one have ever thought "I think i'll commit to watching 20 minutes of adverts today" but without really thinking about it I'm spending that and more consuming content from my peers, friends, and sometimes family.

If brands got back to basics and thought about telling stories through social, maybe, just maybe they wouldn't need to sweat that 2.4 seconds and wasted marketing budgets.

There is an alternative way, ask me how?