"Anything that cannot be digitised or automated will  become extremely valuable" - Gerd Leonhard, Technology vs Humanity 2016.

He then goes on to say that human only traits, eg, that which makes all of us unique - that is what will become key in the world of AI, if we ever get there.

It would seem, that we may well be getting there quicker then we thought. In this day and age of #fakenews , Cambridge Analytica, GDPR, California 2020, what more is there to come, now that we have opened Pandora's Box.

This article whilst fascinating raises some interesting debate. I have always joked that the role of an SDR will become obsolete. The call centre worker, the service agent etc.  You only have to look at what is happening in the retail sector. Amazon & Sainsbury's trialling stores with out cashiers. I am not talking the self help tills, like we see today - literally you walk in and walk out in the case of Amazon. With Sainburys you scan the barcodes with your phone.

Imagine having this conversation 10 years ago - pah, will never happen. You need people to operate the tills, they are complex systems. You need to trust people not to steal anything. It's just not possible. Well, It is, and it is here.

Familiar with Moore's Law? No? read up here. So what will we see in the next 10 years. That will make me 50, by daughter, Olivia, 14 and my son, Max, 10. Are we that arrogant to believe that this (r)evolution will not be pervasive across all industries?

The rate at which automation is developed in the Salestech & Martech space is just crazy - if you believe all the hype, it will literally tell you what to do next & when, with whom - maybe even why. The world or Prescriptive Analytics - Google it. 

This has so many implications, both negative, and well negative, I cannot see any positives at all in this.

Which comes back to the main point - authenticity, trust, human led relationships are going to be so important of the next iteration of all of this. Even though more and more of these will be initiated in the digital world, we cannot, lose sight what makes us, well, human.

Before we know it, we may not be able to tell the difference.