Jane Manchun Wong  is a 23-year-old technology blogger and app researcher famous for uncovering new features before they launch.

By reverse-engineering popular apps such as Facebook and Instagram, she is able to preview changes that are still in testing mode. She shares the designs from her Twitter account, which is watched closely by journalists eager for a scoop - and the companies hoping to avoid landing at the centre of one.

So why can't your company do the same thing?

She isn't selling anything, she has a passion for 'discovery' and yes she manages to annoy quite a number of companies wanting to keep the 'beta' stage of their product under wraps prior to release.

As a brand/company all the signs that 'Social Media' is an extremely powerful platform to share, discuss, listen, and engage with like minded people. 

So, why are you still selling and advertising, and why can't your company do the same thing as her?

I recently wrote a blog on here about how 'Generation Z' are being the 'go to' generation for investment managers, along with the opportunity you have with the 'Millenials' entering the workplace.

The world has changed!