Do you work in a company where it feels like your still operating in a silo? 

I’ve worked in quite a few where product, sales & marketing are at different parts of the building, we only got together once a week to share how we either did, or didn’t hit our sales targets last week. 

A number of them even operated this way from different countries - scary.

It's symptomatic of an 'internalised' process mentality, it certainly doesn't feel like a 'customer centric' mentality does it? 

Business is agile, in today’s digitally connected world things move pretty quickly. 

So, why are we still stuck in internal analog processes that goes like this? 

Buying's role is to decide the 'what' to buy.

Marketing's role is to decide the 'why' to buy, and

Operations role is to decide the 'how' to buy

How can this still be happening in an agile digital economy?

When Sales, Marketing and Product are co-joined, and I don't just mean sharing the same office, floor or building, we collectively start matching opportunities to prospects & consumers from 'listening' to what they want, and to better understand how we might be able to help them?.

If done this way surely the product should be a more successful and  natural ‘market fit’.

I see a lot of companies (in every sector) who still think that the management and ownership of 'Social Media' belongs solely to the marketing department, with the help of the external media agency,and as a crisis management tool for Customer Service's of course. 

Corporate content is then regurgitated and spewed out to keep the brand and compliance police happy, products are using paid 'advertising' to keep the product teams happy, most forget to tell the customer service team of any promotional plans, or any faulty product/service issues, so they try and manage latent inbound brand killing social media comments.......and marketing try and manage all this in an environment that's akin to 'herding cats'.

Why? because the silo's still think that 'Social Media' is just a 'broadcast' medium.   

We then wonder why 'Social Media' just doesn't seem to work.

We have helped to transform some huge global businesses by teaching them how to better understand, deploy and successfully deliver an always on, front of mind 'Social Media' strategy. 

We don't do retainers, we are not a media agency who produce your copy and content and 'sell' your ads, and we don't do 'outbound' pushy sales activity, but we do like to work with companies and people who really want to be the 'Change Makers' in their sector.

If you would like to explore more then by all means drop the author a short note.