There is a lot of rubbish written about SEO, mainly by people who want to sell you SEO services.  If somebody makes something sound difficult then it will be.

You can manage your SEO the same way we teach our clients.

Here at DLA we empower our clients to use social in Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Customer Support, in fact all the departments across the business.  By doing this as a business you can control pretty much everything on social.  Your Brand, your employee brands, your demand generation.  You can do this as this is where your clients are and how they want a modern organisation to work with them.

We heard that we had lost a piece of business and it was because the client was searching on Google for something we just hadn't thought of as a search term.  So we asked the team here at DLA to write and share contact using that search term.  We are now on page one of Google, that took 7 days.

Just by empowering your staff to be on social, to write on social and to have strong networks you as a business can be known for something very quickly.

One final tip:  You won't do it through corporate content and classic interrupt marketing.