We have CMOs talking to us saying that "Marketing doesn't work anymore".  These are B2B Marketers with 25 years of experience, not fly by night people.  Solid Marketers.

If we think about it, there is a real "what got you here, won't get you there" situation.

Over the last 25 years you could pretty much "dial up" any marketing to get you what you wanted.  But the world has changed.  Nobody looks at adverts, GDPR killed email marketing as well as cold calling and people don't go to events anymore.  Then add to that, the technology that enables me to block cold callers, unsolicited emails.  Marketing has become "just noise" and we are great at filtering this out.  The reaction to this from marketers is just to fire out more emails, or even buy a system that allows you to fire out more emails.  Come on, don't fight fire, with fire.

Talk to any customer and what they want is a relationship with somebody that offers them insight and education in a none salesy format.  All that stuff about being number one or the world's best can be assigned to the dustbin of marketing, nobody is interested.

As buyers we have great power through social media, the internet and mobile and it's time marketing caught up!