A "personal brand" is a must have in Business today.

For many people "personal brand" seems like it is something "grand" but I wouldn't describe it as that.

Put it this way.  We know that people go on-line and research before they buy products and services if it's 20% of the buying cycle, 57% or 80% of the buying cycle we shouldn't really care, it's a given this is happening.

Some recent research from Showpad showed that people spending over $100K will do research for an average of 40 hours.  This could be looking at your Linkedin profile.

We had a prospective client that said, "we sent 250 inmails on LinkedIn and nothing happened".  Of course, they looked like spammers.

Companies will do research and they will make contact with a salesperson, they wont make contact with a spammer.

Buyers are looking for an expert, somebody to help them and guide them.  This is why you need a personal brand in sales today.  It will get you inbound.  Plus with your clients being one click away, you can close business under the nose of your competitors.

You are willing to call people who don't return your voice mails, but you won't invest half a day in your personal brand?  Strange.