People don't often write about how Human Resources (HR) can own Digital Transformation as often HR, or the Personnel Department, is often it's seen as fluffy.

A bit like the article I have "Passled".  Nice, but that article is fluffy.

So how can HR lead Digital Transformation?

Simple.  Corporations are stuck.  Marketing is broken.

Nobody reads corporate marketing, telling people how great you are is the same as everybody else and has turned into (for us B2B and B2C consumers and buyers) as just noise.  Advertising is just noise and with ad-blocker growth of 30% year-on-year you do wonder when this stops being a channel.  Email marketing has been pretty much killed by GDPR and like advertising, interrupting people with your message is all a bit 1990s.  Cold calling is certainly dead in Europe and Asia at the Enterprise B2B level that I'm talking about here.  Again, it's interruption marketing and Broadcast.

And what Board of Directors / C-Suite Want to be Associated with Old Fashioned Interruption and Broadcast Marketing?

But there is one thing that every company has that no other company has.  A Unique Selling Point (USP) we would say in Sales.  It's people.

How many HR departments tell us that "the people" are the most important thing for us and it is.

So how can HR lead Digital Transformation?

By empowering the people to talk on social.  I should say, this is NOT another channel for corporate marketing, we have already agreed nobody listens to corporate marketing.

What I'm talking about is activating the people to talk about the company in their own voice.  I realise this sounds scary but, this will give you SEO, Influencer Marketing, Visibility, Content Marketing .... but it will give you inbound, which is leads and meetings.

If you have more leads and meetings, I'm sure you are able to transact those as you have an amazing sales engine ..... this will then give the company additional, that is new incremental revenue.

And from an HR perspective, you will have happier and more engaged employees, you should also be the employer of choice for your industry as well as supporting the employee experience, returners and getting employees contributing quicker.  Which sounds like a great place to be.

This is how Human Resources can give you a quick win on your Digital Transformation journey!