Spotted this article Deloitte have made an aquacision in the adtech world.  I'm sure they company they have purchased is amazing and I'm sure they are heaving a sigh of relief. 

We all hate advertising, it's annoys us to the point where we have learned to filter it out as noise.  I'm sorry, but the words I have highlighted below are utter, utter, utter rubbish.  Apart from not winning the simple English award,  no customer, B2B or B2C every got up in the morning and said those words.

We don't want more advertising we want less.  All of the research shows this, all of the research shows advertising, in light of the Cambridge analytics isn't trusted anymore.

Totally agree that marketers and brands are struggling, because Millennials hate advertising, Gen Z hate advertising.  Which is why people like Adidas reduced their advertising at the World Cup.  Their audience, use ad-blockers.  Which is why they switched their spend to social media.

Proctor and Gamble reduced their advertising spend and revenues went up.

It's over, as GDPR showed with email, people don't want this noise.  Interrupting people and broadcasting at them needs to be assigned to the marketing dustbin and if Deloitte want to be master of Digital, they need to understand this as the world is changing.  In fact it's changed.