I'm guessing this article is written by somebody without practical experience of using social internally.  What employees don't want is yet another newsletter.

Yet another email that nobody will read.  That somebody can hide behind and say "didn't you read my email?"  We've all been there, the copy all merchants and the time stealers.

When I used to manage a team I would get over 100 emails a day and most of them seemed to be people thanking one person, though they copied all.  It was a full time job to manage the quantity of email.

When we implemented social internally there was a massive impact.  And I don't use the word massive mildly.

In fact when we measured it we found that the employees became 25% more efficient.  As a company, based on the number of employees we had worldwide, that was like getting an additional 27,000 employees. For free!

So where did we make an impact?

New starters and New Salespeople contributed quicker.

Maternity returners, started contributing quicker.

We had a sales forecast that was 95% accurate.

We halved the time meetings took.

We outed lazy salespeople for claiming leads which they hadn't created.  It's true, in fact we could see who contributed and who didn't.  

It was such an impact that we had people coming from other departments looking to see how they could copy such efficiencies. 

We run DLA on social too.  Does your digital transformation company / social selling company run on social?