The world of Digital Marketing has changed, while many people thought that digital marketing would define marketing for the next 50 years, it has not and in fact Marketing is now a continued changing situation.

None of as buyers put up with interruption marketing and none of us as buyers like to be broadcast to.  That means that lid as been placed on the coffin of pretty much all digital marketing as we know it and we as buyers are hammering in the nails in the lid as fast as we can.

Nobody leads adverts anymore, GDPR killed email marketing, websites have just become yet another "me to" that we ignore, nobody answers the phone unless we know who is calling us, killing cold calling.  As a number of marketers said to us recently "nothing works anymore".

But there is some good news!

There is one thing that your company has that no other company has, that people in other companies (the ones that most likely want to buy from you) want to listen to and engage with.  Your employees.

Now, before you think this is a great way to stuff this channel with all the messages and content that didn't work elsewhere.  Don't!  Echo chambers are not modern marketing!

What you need to do is empower your employees to talk about your products and services in their voice.  Not as easy as it sounds, but of course, we sell services to help you.

What has this got to do with recruitment?

A client of ours recently put out a blog, looking to recruit sales people, they got 40 responses which has enabled them to save twice what they have paid us to help them.  And it has enabled them to take on a junior salesperson.  This is before we have started helping with with sales and marketing.

I think you could call this a self-financing project. 

Not many things you can do today that gives a positive ROI!