It's probably worth remember what royalties are, they are a small future payment that authors, artists can get if their book, art, music is reused.  As somebody that has spent a considerable amount of time writing two books, it would be great if I got paid (as legally I'm supposed to) when somebody quotes from my books.

But to be honest (for me) the sums are so small, it's hardly worth it and there is an argument that I probably get more PR / advert by somebody quoting me and that's worth more than the royalty.

But if you owned Game of Thrones or the rights to a Hollywood film the missing royalties might add up.

This article points out that the technology already exist in social networks world (on Youtube) to scan posts and check them for copyright.  I had a video of the band The Who taken down.  It was such a crappy video that I would play the "it was actually PR for The Who" card rather than think I was stealing from them.

While this argument with carry on in the world of the free as the internet seems to be.  One thing is true, you cannot currently build a business on memes in the current climate.