This article talks about 7 great traits that digital marketers process, but I think there is a seventh.  Leadership.

Marketing is (or should be) a strategic within an organisation and from that, the marketing function should lead.  Now when I mean leadership, I don't mean management.  We as individuals can be leaders but have no authority or have a fancy title.

Change agents are a great example of this in the digital world.  People that want to put their heads above the parapet and are not afford of getting them "shot off".  Talking in metaphors of course.

In my last organisation I worked in there was even a grade that was an individual contributor (IC) but the person would be seen as a leader IC and have no management authority. 

Changing times and living in a world of disruption or even in a culture of change, we should feel empowered to lead.  We should feel empowered to make changes and lead the way, where maybe others are not so free to think and accept change or even experiment with the status quo.

We are all change agents or agents of change.