Yesterday I attended the Oracle Modern Business Experience OrcaleMBX event and two themes came out which are very relevant to employee advocacy.

The first was a presentation from Deloitte, which of course had all the management cliques, one message that resonated with me was that digital transformation does not work unless you empower your employees.

This is 100% right and so is this article, management leading from the front, etc etc.  But you have to empower the employees to write and share the content they want and not the content corporate marketing wants.  OR this just becomes yet another channel to blast people with corporate marketing nobody wants to see or hear.

The other presentation was by the energetic and exciting Ray Wang (if you are looking for a great speaker, he's you guy).  He talked about AI and robotics, which may sound boring, it wasn't by the way.  He pointed out that the one thing that humans have over robots.  The one thing, is our personality. 

And that is the key to employees advocacy, empowerment and your employees personality.   If you are not getting the best from your employee advocacy program give us a call and we can do a review.

You should be aware that we were paid to attend the OracleMBX, the above it not paid for or sponsored by Oracle.