eBay, Amazon, Airbnb, Trip Advisor, Uber have all built their business models on people giving each other a rating.  Third part validation is important to all of us when we buy something.

That book on Amazon, checking out an eBay seller, that apartment on Airbnb, it all makes a difference.  We should dismiss the power of this in our B2B Sales efforts, in fact the ability of your network to support and refer you is critical.

So how can you capture this power?

1. Make sure you get people to endorse you on LinkedIN.  This may seem like a pain, but having a good strong set of endorsements is important.

2. Having a network, rather than contacts is critical as this enables you to build your referral network.  Why is this important? - As we work through our territory and there are people we need to get in front of, referrals enable us to get to these peoples.  Social should allow you to get higher, quicker than with cold calling.