One of the things that scares me, honest it does scare me is the term "customer experience" or CX.  The reason why it scares me is that the CRM vendors have hijacked it .... so you don't buy a CRM anymore you buy CX.

So when like in this article they talk about customer experience (CX)  ... I think that the end game of the content is to sell me a CRM.

But for once, it does not seem like that it describes a world where we gain customers (which is good right?) and we keep (which is good right?) customers.

And how do we do that, we listen to them, we engage with them, we build relationships with them, we have ongoing dialogue with them.  How do we do this?  Through Social.

Social allows us (at scale) to listen to what our customers are saying about our products and services.  I talk in my book about how social can be used research and development.  It can be used to talk with your suppliers and supply chain.  Why not "externalise" your culture so you turn your talent from a push to a pull.  You can do that with sales through social selling.

Also why not take your employees on the journey, last week we trained a bunch of employees to blog.  They are now empowered to talk about the company in the way that excites them (and probably their customers too).

Social is a way that you can  transform the whole organization into offering the best customer experience.  Attracting the best talent, the best customer service and the best increases in incremental revenue.

I guess that all sounds too good to be true and maybe it is, maybe it needs hard work, maybe it will take time to get there ..... but if you think it's better than where you are right now, you should call me.