With senior business leaders and world leaders gathering in Davos last week.  It's a time to reflect and see that we are in the golden age of sales and marketing.

Like the butterfly that transforms from caterpillar, to cocoon to Butterfly, it's time as sales and marketers to shake off some of the ideas of the past and work in the digital world with the new informed buyer.

We know that GDPR will kill cold calling and email marketing.  We know nobody likes 1930 style broadcast ad.  We also know that everybody is on social media.  It's where our customers are.

Add to that the level of data we have enables us to find our customers through intent data, where we can engage, empower them and help them buy.

No manipulation, no broadcast, let's be responsible with the data we hold and have conversations with our prospects and customers.

Step forward and step and be world beating sales people and marketers.