It's 2018 and we should stopped writing 2017 by now and we should have full alignment between sales and marketing.

I recall being told that one company had sales organised on vertical markets and marketing organised based on geographical regions.  Which meant when the life science guy (a market you need to know well as it's regulated) wanted to run an event in the south, it was great as the market team had many life sciences companies based down there.  I found the sales team didn't bother trying to sell to a Life sciences company based in the north as the northern marketing team didn't understand life sciences.

An example we can all laugh at, but real world.

In my previous company we got sales and marketing to work together.  Common language, understanding what is a lead, etc etc.  It was hard work and there was blood on the wall, but it was worth it, and the efficiency and outputs of the teams went up.

Come on stop all the 1970s sales rubbish and get with the program, we have targets to meet after all and they are not getting any smaller!