From the moment I saw them, I fell in love with video games.

We had a commodre 64 as my first home computer.

The day I plugged in the first cassette and picked up that joytstick for the first time.

My life changed forever.

Moving the stick and watching the character move on screen was a revelation.

One my tiny mind couldn't compute, but boy was it fun.

From then on I was hooked.

From Manic Miner to Prince of Persia and all the consoles and home computers in between.

I have had a life long fascination with them and the characters you control in environments that become giant immersive stories.

Inheriting a virtual persona is liberating.

Social media is exactly like a video game.


You have a platform with a clearly defined set of parameters.

An always on persistent universe.

In which you are a player, with an avatar. 

Racing to amass followers.

All the while interacting and creating conversations with your audience. 

And here’s the important bit.

To create revenue. 

Now the question is are you a casual player?

Or a pro team?

If you’re treating Social like a Sunday afternoon family game of Mario Bros.

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You’re doing it wrong

You see we believe social media is a team sport.

The more players, the more you'll swamp your competition.

And in order to play as a pro team you need a strategy.

Pro players live, eat, sleep and train together.

"I don’t need a weapon; my friends are my power!" – Kingdom Hearts

They don’t leave things to chance, they have a clear purpose and a clear goal in mind.

Which is exactly what your sales and marketing teams need when they approach social.

No strategy and you’ll be doomed to fail against opposing teams.

But this is just kids stuff.

Yep we hear that a lot about social, it’s just for kids.

You don’t actually expect us to do business on it do you?

"The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world." – Half-Life

One of the biggest esports teams in the world is team liquid. 

This teams revenue nearly exceeds 38 million dollars in turnover.

Not so funny anymore is it this "kids stuff”.

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Social media WILL have a serious impact on the bottom line of your business.

But only if you play it right, with heart, purpose, passion and a clearly defined strategy.

And when you do you’ll level up and decimate your competition.

There are 740 million users on this platform alone.

740 Million users you can interact and do business with

But only if you play the game properly.

Gartner Says 80% of B2B Sales Interactions Between Suppliers and Buyers Will Occur in Digital Channels by 2025

So are you ready, player one?

It's time to level up!

The smart business in 2022 and beyond understand digital and are playing to win!