The Printing Industry.

Post Pandemic Business Strategies: 5 New Truths

I have been discussing the MPS and print industry landscape for some time now. It is a sector I am familiar with and I have been heavily involved with it in the past. Great times had.

As I research the industry and get an understanding of what I hear, what has changed and where we are heading, I share what I see and deliver insight to those who maybe cannot get the chance to see, look or dive into such information.

I share knowledge based on where we stand right now in B2B and how you can make the most of these challenging shifts in customer and digital interaction now.

Another nice piece here by Barbara Pellow for Printing Impressions

She gives some key takeaways in how the leadership in this industry need to step up, look around at how the industry has changed, leverage the tools available (social) and coach your teams to become digital first sales people to compete in this different terrain.

It is a solid read and a an even better lean into digital coaching.
Truths 3 & 4 give the most compelling areas for concern.

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