It's the end of March 2020 and I am sitting at my desk.

My boss asked me to pack up my screen and laptop and head home.

The pandemic was accelerating into the UK at pace, and I could work from home.

Let me tell you, from a person who had never had a remote role and was always out on the road or at an office, it was pretty scary and was the unknown for many in the sales, BD, AM or anyone involved in a customer facing B2B environment.

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Fast forward to the end of July 2021. 16 months since that time. What has changed?

  • I no longer work for that company. I left without saying goodbye to anyone.
  • I moved to Perth from Aberdeen to start a new path in my life. Mid pandemic.
  • I adapted quickly to a landscape that I saw had changed (took a while) FAST.
  • I talked to others in my field that had similar thoughts and questions around B2B.
  • I managed to talk to people who wanted to help me and unlock my digital skills.
  • I was coached for 12 weeks across a programme that changed how I looked at B2B.
  • I developed writing skills that I never had and became a trusted advisor in my sector.
  • I built a new network with people and prospects and I have not met anyone yet.
  • I have multiple conversation and calls on social without using a phone or an email.
  • I now coach SME's looking to have acquire new customers through networks on social.

I repeat, I never used a phone or email once to acquire any new customers.


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So a 15 year career spanning over multiple sectors including MPS, SaaS, Subsea & Logistics where I used the analogue methods of the phone or email or the corporate marketing campaigns that never ever ever gave me a lead. How did I manage this?

How did I suddenly go from one way of working with a process and methods that worked in the past, to new and current methods of customer acquisition through using social media and all that comes with having a digital footprint and improving my sales skills for today's market.

Because I opened my ears and eyes and saw something I had never seen before. I saw something that I wish I had seen over 5 years ago, that would have given me the ultimate kudos in my sector and I would have been light years ahead of my competition back then.

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  • I saw a better way to tap into the psyche of my prospects.
  • I was given a chance to develop new skills that put me and my associates front & centre.
  • I was offered a chance to part of something that changes the B2B landscape every day.
  • I am now a better, more astute, aware and passionate person because of these changes.
  • Social Media has changed the world. I moved with the times. It is now in my DNA.
  • Social Selling & Influence is thee best way to acquire new clients and retain existing.
  • The proof is the results and the data behind everything we do on social media. Revenue.

No longer to I have to be tied to an outdated and full of s@@t CRM and have a silly KPI on my back about how many calls to make, how many emails to send, push this onto your Linkedin profile for visibility Kevin.... NO, NO, NO.... And it feels much better.

But I was like you, I was leaning into sales and thought this was the only way to do things, as I had no other methods or people to tell me any different. But now I do and I did.

If Linkedin, Gartner, McKinsey, Forrester are all telling us that social media and digital first interactions are going to be the normal going forward why would you not sit up and listen?

Like COVID, we were all told about a pandemic and disease, we had to do X Y and Z.

This pandemic accelerated a change in business to business interactions to digital platforms.

Why are you not listening to this change? Are you scared you don't know enough about it.

That is ok because many don't. And like any learnings, you have to ask the question, see the proof of concept and see the results that this way of selling within a programme built to coach, mentor and change behaviours and habits is not going to happen overnight.

Take this as RED. You will come out of the other side a MASTER of your craft.

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So if your process, your passion in what you do has changed throughout the last 16 months, because things around you have changed, and you noticed, and want to do something about it, then get me on a call.

I will show you what I saw, what I was introduced to and what it has done for me to improve my social, digital and business acumen skills for the digital business world we are now in.

Have a great Friday.