I talk to people. People talk to me. That's what we do, right.

Down the pub, on the course, in the office, online and offline. Just talking.

When I used to cold call my prospects, I had good reason. I knew them, I done my homework and I knew their was a gap (white space) to tap into. Research. Not rocket science. Sales 101. Keep it as warm as possible. Never COLD.

So, now that we live in 2021 in this new DIGITAL first landscape, how do we maintain that WARM feeling of interaction, that personal touch or people talking to people.


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Not taking your analogue ways online and sending a voice-note, not sending an InMail, not spamming the inbox with BOT messages that say you know me, and I think you would like..

If you want to be on social media and use this platform as a source of revenue for your business then you must use the right methodology that works for social media and social selling.

Not use it in your profile, or your about section or your expertise as just WORDS.

Actually understand, what it means, how you deliver it and what the changes look like within you, your team and your business message to the world that is your NETWORK.

I understand that it is something new to a lot of people. I was in the same boat.

I called people, I emailed people, I was told to X and Y by corporate and marketing.

Many still do it, many won't change, can't change, want change.

I changed. I chose the user friendly approach to B2B in this new digital first landscape.

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If you want to do something different, with purpose and a defined strategic programme, then you can read on.....

If you want to look at an option to better yourself for the future of B2B, then read on.....

If you are the leader of sales team or a management team that wants to be social.... then read on because if you want to retain key staff, and also hire the social savvy of the future, then this leans right into that.

What we do is not a webinar, it is not a masterclass, and it is not a live hacks Q&A.

It is a first class, high-watermark programme developed and re-developed over the last 5 years, strapped in with data and analytics that last over the course of a 12 week programme.

It is a full investment in you, your career, your coaching and the development of you social media omnichannel skills, leaning you into commercial conversations with your prospects.

I see people trying the idea of SOCIAL SELLING on here. You can spot it from far away.

I also see many people still using this platform as the largest BILLBOARD on social media.

Both ways are not going to work, and you are wasting your time. PERIOD.

So if your trying this, STOP, your boss won't thank you for it and his thoughts on the social media for B2B not making sense will soon be made concrete.

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Everything we do as associates and a team is underpinned by strategy & purpose.

A programme not just about selling. It is about behaviours and how we talk to people and interact. It is about influence and how we build that. Content and how we define what ours will look like. It is about having conversations with the people that matter and how you get there, and above all it is about turning you into a social changemaker or your team into a social organisation.

For now and forever. Not TRAINING, but COACHING.

So, if you are still reading and you have maybe read my profile, had a look around and wanted to know a bit more about my story, my journey to this article and what we do as a social selling organisation, then get in touch. People talking to People.

I will not sell you anything.

I will let you see some things. Then you can decide if it is for you. Simple.

So, you can drop me a note or message or you can take a slot on Calendy

Either way, I would be happy to talk.

Be you. Be social.

Enjoy your weekend.

P.S. The EUROS are here. Bring on everyone. Cmon the SCOTS.