As I sit here, writing this blog, I can reflect on the last 90 days of fully immersing myself into Social Media and what it can do for your learning, friendships, enjoyment and business.

Now, not everyone loves to be at a screen all day. Naturally we all want to be out and about and meeting people when we can.

Some will go back to the office, some work from home. Others will hybrid for flexibility.

But this is not the point. The title above is about the Future Of Sales in B2B. Omnichannel.

It is about what your buyers and prospects want, what you do with your time and how you become noticed.

I think we have been shown over the last 12 months and what has gone on that the business world has shifted considerably in how people engage, interact, position and conversate.

Look at my first line. "As I sit here, writing this blog". 12 months ago I would not have been writing this blog. 12 months ago I was sent home from my career. Then furloughed.

Now, I write content (daily). I have a weekly content plan, (a week in advance). I network with people online and follow/connect with people and businesses that interest me and in turn I can deliver pieces of content that they may find interesting and want engage back.

This is called delivering insight into your network, while seeking out content and people you can relate to, on a personal and business level. People talking to people.

Platform for Engagement.

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McKinsey recently published this article around the New Normal B2B being Omnichannel.

Some fascinating stats and takeaways that are enough to look up and take full notice about the Future of Work and the Future of B2B.

"Omnichannel is not simply a trend, nor a pandemic workaround - rather, it is critically important fixture for B2B sales globally."

They go onto say as B2B buyers flexed to remote and digital ways of engaging, they found much to like. The use and preference for e-commerce-self-serve, has grown since August 2020.

2/3 of Buyers prefer remote human interactions or digital self service

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The table shows the effectiveness of the NEW sales model in reaching NEW customers.

They go on.

20% of B2B buyers said they would be willing to spend more than $500,000 in a fully remote/digital sales model. 11% of all B2B buyers would spend more than $1million.

So, the question is, with the McKinsey & Company stats and findings from BUYERS....

How do we get their?

Hybrid Sales Reps - Social Selling & Business Transformation

Video, Apps, Content, Insights, occasional phone and in-person when we need to.

Now in 2021 and a Digital First B2B landscape we have to arm our Sales Reps and all personnel associated with the sales process, the right tools and coaching to allow them to be involved in this BUYER choice method of commercial interactions.

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No cold call or email is getting you to that table.

Why? Because the amount of people at the BUYING decision table has gone up. Yearly. You now have to multi-thread through an organisation and make sure you are being seen by all kinds of business personnel within a prospect or client account. There are now around 10 people in the buying process.

They are all playing a part in the research and analysis and what they see and who they see will be DIGITAL FIRST. Online and with Presence.

Our 12 week programme takes you from the old and dated analogue ways or working to Digital First Approach, through 5 modules that include:

  • Buyer Centric Optimised Profiles
  • Growth of Network & Positioning
  • Being Found
  • Building Influence
  • Content Planning & Insights

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Scale that across a team of 5 or 10 people within your organisation and you can reach your target market first, with strategy, effort and consistency at the core of it all.

Your team become social changemakers and you are now working in the BUYER zones.

It becomes second nature and you will now be clear around the pipeline and opportunity that presents itself by being a 'Social Organisation' equipped with knowledge on where to post, what to say and what channels to position your content. A culture and mind shift.

No more sporadic corporate re-shares, treating Linkedin like a billboard. Your stories.

Employees all engaged, a new and better way of working in this ever changing landscape of B2B interactions where your prospects and clients are looking for the answer on who to partner with and why you.

Simple... but not easy. But the best place to be as DIGITAL FIRST gains pace.

Happy to chat more.

Be you. Be social.