Perception is reality when it comes to change management.  I can tell a client all day long that the jump is only 4 feet in distance, but if they think and feel that it is 12 feet and they can only jump 7...they won't take the leap.  Additionally, if they aren't sure about what is underneath them if they fail (bottomless crevasse) they won't jump no matter what (risk adversion).

If you are in any C-suite position and/or are a business owner with an established team of employees you have heard the drums beating about #social for some time.  I know exactly what it is like to try and figure out how in the world you are going to go from A to Z.  Here is a really encouraging thing:  #social is not only what you need to DO, it is HOW you will get there better and with amazing results.

The real question isn't "How do I get to Z?"  

The next question is "How do I start effectively with less risk of failing in my journey?"  

Short answer:  strategy

What NOT to do:

  1. Buy a new software program
  2. Outsource your prospecting, marketing or recruiting to a firm that will continue to do what is letter A.  

Instead, focus on strategy.

Our clients begin with strategy because 1/2 day workshops and cool programs don't lead to employee engagement and if your team isn't on board you aren't getting to 'Z'.  Taking the 'time' (or, in reality winning by investing time) to develop a #socialtransformation strategy for your entire organization means that you not only will know the path to get to your destination, you and your team will have the confidence and clarity to get there.  You will literally 'see' the steps to your future success and will be surprised at how fast that clarity produces measurable and sustained results.

Here are the steps:

1. Develop an overall strategy to become a social organization. (A)

2.  Participate in a proven training and coaching program that will deliver the foundation for executing upon your strategy for members of your team (B)

3.  Implement a playbook that will ensure that all team members know what to do and when to do it.  This provides ongoing confidence and clarity (C)

4.  Measure and adjust the tactics within your strategy towards greater profit and engagement. (D-Z)

'Get digital quick' for business today is just as unlikely to work as 'get rich quick' for investing in the stock market.  When business professionals are making decisions about the future of their company they must focus on strategy and not get distracted by what is 'shiny'.  

I hope that this visualization of the process of #socialtransformation has been helpful.  Remember, there are a lot of other letters in between A and Z...use them to get there quicker and better.

Was this helpful?  Let me know in the comments how I can improve and/or answer any questions.  I am always up for a chat to explore how we can create a better and more certain future for companies and people.