I wrote an article with this exact title 41/2 years ago.

You can see it here.  ๐Ÿ‘‰  CHANGE   A short article on Rory changing putter and coach, even though he was Top in the Golf ranks and playing consistent golf.

He didn't have to change, he wasn't forced to change. But he saw gaps for improvement to elevate him to the next level. More wins, more consistency, more seen in Top 5's.

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I am telling you this because, in reality, it makes perfect sense to be frightened of any change right now. It has been a catastrophic 10 months.

We didn't ask for a pandemic. It happened. It has been difficult for all of us.

People, business, families, kids, economy, environment, health, communities, money.

It has been super tough. Redundancy, isolation, lonely, wfh, homeschooling.

Not easy. And certainly not easy to lift your head up and look around to see what we can do as people and as a business to get out of a particular rut or challenge or change our business process and way of thinking.

"What, Now are you mad". We are in a pandemic we need to continue doing what we do and keeping our clients informed and looking at our incumbent business and battening down the hatches.

NEW business? NEW logos. What are you doing about those? This must still be an aim.?

The competition is looking at NEW logos. The competition is changing.

The competition is going digital and moving online with pace and authority.

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"But how do we have time to look at anything as a business if we don't know what to look at or what to improve or what is out there."

Online and digital presence and LINKEDIN is where you succeed in 2021 and in inbound sales.

  • Some of people and team will be on social. No doubt. 
  • Some will post now and again. That's fine. 
  • Some may use it to browse the competition. For sure. I did that too.
  • But what are the numbers (commercials) behind being on social media?


Sorry, oh you thought you could just post and browse and things happened because people like my post or engaged in my content... ?? NO.

You, your team your business. Posting, engaging, aligning, connecting, influencing. TOGETHER, as a TEAM and daily and with conviction to own your sector online.

That is what social selling is. That is where you track and analyze the inbound and that is where the relationship grows to become a trusted advisor, engagement and a conversation about work and a commercial conversation that leads to a commercial PO.

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But don't take my word for it. 

Or do and get me on a call. The platform of choice I will leave to you. I am here to assist.

I want to help you not be frightened of change. But to embrace the change now. Or as the saying goes. GET LEFT BEHIND. Working smart is an art and takes time. Right now you and your business and your team have the time to adapt and get digital.

Things may be good, but can they be better. More efficient, more user friendly in approach. Trusted, authentic, human, authority and permission.


Its FRIDAY. Busy week. One to go.

Enjoy your weekend


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