In my career, starting from way back leaving school I think I have always had a solid, effort driven work ethic in me.

I have worked both the blue-collar and white-collar roles in some areas of my career journey over the years.

Effort and doing you best should be a given in both disciplines as the reward on the other side should give you satisfaction tenfold.

What I mean is if you work hard and commit to your role or daily task you can feel good about what you have achieved, reflect on improvements and changes you can make and contribute to a team or personnel journey.


Whether it is working on the roofs, working in retail, an engineer, offshore, onshore working in sales, or working in the office or home just now, what you put in, you should get back out in monetary value, drive and upgrade on promotion, strength and purpose that you are delivering and satisfaction that you have 'bust a gut' daily and this should provide you with a sense of achievement.

 But is this always in you, or is it within you?


I have come across many people in my career who have a solid work ethic, and many others

who just turn up for the paycheck doing the bare minimum to get by.


So I ask the question. What do you want out of 2021?

Do you want to change the path, change your way of working, or challenge yourself and the team ethics to work harder, work smarter and work towards a new goal?

Put the role aside. If working more from home, more online, more human, more social is the new way we are going, do the same rules and processes apply to your role and discipline circa Mar'20.

I doubt it.

Right now, and for the last few weeks I have been training in the art of 'social selling'.

For a guy that only new one way to operate, one way to get to the end goal and one way of communicating, this new journey has opened my eyes to a lighter, more human way of working.

It feels like I have a sense of belonging and purpose to what should have been the way anyway.

But driven by a corporate method and 'same old' ways, I never really had the chance to embrace a new way or try something different. Many wouldn't and many are in the same boat right now.


But there is a way. A new way of getting more out of what you put in. Work ethic has to be strong.

You have to 'turn up' every day, you have to commit to what you are doing. You have to know that it

Is not a tip, or masterclass or one-off training. It will be your daily task, your hour or two out of what you are asked to do by the leader or manager. But the buy-in will be across the board. And with a bit of luck, the people involved will have your back and be on the same road.


So, having sat in my previous roles at times, and looked for answers. I am now on a path to knowing what works, what is required and how to go about it. Being myself, turning up, and growing my network on the largest online business community there is. LINKEDIN.


I will be continuing my training over the next few weeks until which time I use the knowledge learnt, invest in myself, do what I have learned online, deliver on my targets and tasks and become satisfied that what I am putting in, comes out the other side.

And all by being me, providing my knowledge, working hard and growing my network.


For the outsider reading this. Think about your path. Think where you were and where you are now.

Ask yourself if I can continue to go the same road, or if I can tap into something else with a tangible reward for the equal effort put in and proven data and ROI.


I have worked in sales for 15 years. What worked for me in the past, has not worked over the last 6 months. The reasons, I think, are twofold.

  1. My thoughts on other people's situations and what we find ourselves in.
  2. And the other is something else has worked better and makes it more enjoyable than my methods before

This will not be a 'quick fix' but more a journey of belief, effort and consistency.


 My aim is to excel in social, with helping others the driver.




So you can catch me on here and let's have a chat. Happy to hear how you are and what has changed for you? What's next.


2021 is coming. Are you ready to be a Social hero?

Enjoy this break and re-charge for next year.



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