People talking with people.

I say this as simple as it sounds.

In sales, we sometimes get a bad name. Sometimes we get a good name but it is more around who you are as a person and what person you are and want to be that will set you apart.

 We hear, "Oh not another sales call".

We get gatekeepers who won't let you get past.

We have something to say, but who wants to hear it.

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This has always been the way it is and the challenge for sales teams to get the right prospect or individual to listen and hear what WE have to say.

Trained to hunt, and go find new business. We should also know how to handle rejection.

We are targeted to get business by doing the things we know and the methods that we have trained in to make these contacts and develop a pipeline of good opportunities and wins by having conversations, calls and in the past meetings at the office of prospects and target clients.

 As we move into 2021 and into the new year.

 What methods (new) have you learnt or are looking at to develop this more and get your sales team to make target or generate a pipeline with opportunities?

 I think all sales, marketing and operations teams need to get used to a new way of working.

2021 is still going to be restrictive in approach.

 People are still going to be WFH and not in the office.

 Your call will still be screened and you may not get through to your contacts or prospects.

 Your email (however good) will get left in the inbox as (non-urgent) and you will be left with no real idea of what interest you, your product or service or business may have to offer to the prospect or target client.

 For me, as we move into this new year. My eyes are open.

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In the last few months, I have developed an understanding of the landscape we sit in right now.

 It is new ground. It is tougher than ever to do what you used to do.

 What do I do about it?

Well, I have been keeping it simple and using my platform for engagement for just that. Engaging.

If I want to speak to someone. I connect on here.

If I like the look of a company that may fit my prospect profile, I follow them. I digest their content.

If I want to learn what they do and why I ask.

I ask about them, I find out how they are and what times are like for them right now.

I am not selling anything. I genuinely want to learn about them, understand the new sectors that interest me and just talk. 'PEOPLE TALKING WITH PEOPLE'.

That is what this site is for.

 Connecting, digesting, talking, sharing, engagement.

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 From CEO to admin, talking on this platform human to human will in turn make you more approachable and make you feel like you are understanding what others are feeling and doing.

 Then this can build trust and you continue to share, read, digest and engage in what you see from your new contacts. You keep talking and that's it.

 Again, I stress. You can continue to follow what works, but you also need to adjust to the new way of working, online and making connections and sharing human content.

 You just need to know that this network can work for you as another side of your sales process.

A side that connects you as a good person, a reliable source of good information and content, a trusted potential partner of choice as and when people see fit to make that switch.

If you are not active on here at some level. They will never know who you are behind a call or an email.

 People need to see who you are as a person and the attraction has to be just that. The offering of exactly what you do will in turn be there. In their time.

 First, build that trust, share your passion, build that community and in turn build your pipeline inbound.


These are the first steps.

 Take the time to use this platform.

 It really is worth it.

 Have an enjoyable Thursday.


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