Customer acquisition is something every business continues to do, it doesn’t matter if your in B2B or B2C.

What varies of course is the type of business you’re in, along with the gestation time and cost it takes to acquire new ones.

So, is the answer to continue fuelling the intrusive, fraud ridden ad tech world, along with the cost of those cosy introductory offers to entice people to sign up?

With 3.8 Billion people on one social networks or other around the world you now have social media to continue your ‘advertise and promote’ thinking, where folks on social don’t really want your intrusive ads, they just want to be social.

So, why aren’t you being social?

The reality is that Customer acquisition cost is the price we pay for not understanding how to use Social Media.

If done right and with the right training your cost don’t increase with reach, you don’t need a database, you don’t need to pay to get the ‘right’ attention, and your customers become your advocates. 

If your a regular reader of my blogs (thank you) you will have seen I produce quite a lot of stories, or 'content' as some call it, I produce and publish 2/3 articles each day. 

This includes posting on a weekend when I know we're all taking time out.  And I'm usually 1.5 weeks ahead to allow me to do business as usual stuff.

Blogging without a strategy or an audience in mind won't really get you very far. And if it's all just a bit random and tactics you will lose heart very quickly.

For you to become a producer of content there are a few things you need to sort out first, otherwise, and based on my on experience you will simply not enjoy it, and most likely give up.

  1. What's your passion - where do you have subject matter experience and expertise?
  2. You need to understand your purpose - what's the subject matter?
  3. Whose the audience - who is it aimed at?
  4. 'Why' are you doing this?
  5. Content Calendar - align your output and timings, the input will be aligned to this.
  6. Don't sweat the grammar - try and be authentic, use natural language.

The reality is that producing content is hard work to start off with, if you ever went to a gym or chose a weight loss program the magic didn't happen overnight, you got better at it, as you got better at it, if you get my drift?

The link below has another 55 tips to cogitate - however if you want to get serious by all means drop me a short note and let's set up a call today.