Where ever you turn there seems to be a new story about Covid-19. 

Governments cannot keep up fast enough with the changes taking place. What with Covid-19 and the oil “war” between Russia and Saudi Arabia there is a perfect storm that is driving stock markets lower. 

I drove to a meeting yesterday and the M25, the main artery motorway around London was quiet as it was Christmas. The commuter train I’m on into London is’t rammed like it is normally.

More and more companies are telling their employees to work from home, but what will be the impact on business if there are no face-to-face meetings?

Most companies have a conference call software so that should enable some element of normality.  That said, that this does seem to be pushing us to a new norm.

If this Covid-19 situation seems to be the business environment we are going to be on for the next three months then what can we do (other than buy conference call software) to make sure we make our number this year? 

We think your business is going to need to look at things differently. You are going to need to support your employees and help them sell.

Here are some things for to consider, no matter what Industry you are in, we are all being affected by what is happening.

People are going to more likely check you out on-line, having an on-line CV does not cut it any more.  Your LinkedIn profile needs to reflect you. Your beliefs, your why, this is your shop window to the world. If people don’t see anything in the window they will walk right by.

You need to take your network and put it on LinkedIn. All those business cards, connect with those people, connect with the people in your company, all the people you “meet” with, connect to them as well.

Find and share interesting content. People want to know about things they don’t know, so don’t make the mistake so many people make that it’s about your company or products. Don’t forget, talk in the language of your buyers and clients.

You know have a platform to start your prospecting, nurturing and closing in the new world of Covid-19.

Selling is about relationship and connecting with your prospects on social will enable you gain the depth of relationship that you will miss from face-to-face meetings.

You will be surprised at that speed and scale you can get from this method. You never know you might enjoy it.