The answer is;

When consumers choose one channel to get warmed up over a brand and go on to make a purchase via another!!

The majority of that consumer ‘warm up’ is going on via 'Social Media' channels whilst using a mobile phone.

In the UK alone there (January 2020) are 65 million internet users with 45 million of them on social media, which is a year on year increase of 2.9% - and represents 66% of the population in the UK alone. 

This is seismic change in behaviour, and if you need more evidence recent data tells us that we have 107% of the UK population on mobile connections - that's 72.4 million mobile connections!

At no time in the history of retailing, or any other business sector for that matter have companies had free and easy access to potential consumers, and not just those in the home territory but also around the world. 

So why are you still pissing people off with those digital intrusions called 'adverts'?

Use social media to warm up those potential relationships, use what you know to build your own version of 'retail warm up’ that just might encourage the consumer to spend more time with you over a competitor.