When electric power generators were invented nobody bought them.  Why?  Because the steam generators that people had, worked just fine.  Of course, over time people switched too electric, but to do this, the electric generators manufacturers had to make their product look like a steam generator. 

In fact, electric generators are still made today to look like steam generators.

Electric lights, emulate their gas light predecessors.  The only "innovation" for electric lights is the light switch.  That too wasn't seen as a requirement, as you would turn the gas / electric light on by the bulb.

Most "inventions" today, are not new, they just replicate what we do already, but they are sold to us as "new".

Before any sales call, great sales people do research on the company they are going to see and the people they are going to see.

Of course, you can get a tool to do this.  But is it really AI?  Is it really a big leap forward?  No!

This article talks about the perils of AI and why it's become fashionable to say things are AI, when in fact they are not.  Buyer beware!