I was talking to a "digital agency" the other day .... well they call themselves that, but is it really digital?  Just because you have a process that involves a computer, is that really "digital marketing"?

I was briefed on how their customers love them, they are the number one agency, etc, etc, etc.  They then gave me some advice.

Why was I not collecting the emails of people that come to our website?  I asked "so what you are saying is that I need to put one of those spammy, pop-ups on our website? Then spend time sending emails, that nobody reads?"

I'm not sure about you, but I hate those spammy pop-ups and why would I collect emails of people, that I'm already connected to on social?  Off the back of GDPR and now CPAA we deleted our email database, it's not worth the risk of being hacked and nobody reads the emails anyway.

Email marketing was big in the 1990s, I know, I was there.  But really?  Every report (by email marketers) shows that nobody ever opens emails and if they do, does anybody actually buy anything?  Of course, if I send 10 million emails and 1 person opens 1 email that proves it works! :)

This is the first problem of digital transformation.  What go you here, wont' get you there.  Using 1990 technology to meet the needs of 2020, where your clients are on social, just isn't effective.

The second issue is brand.  Nobody cares.  I know that you are really passionate about your brand.  As a founder you want to create something special, but, nobody cares.

What we are interested in are your staff.  You people's shared experiences, your employees being authentic, your employees stories.  I'm buying the people, not your company.

As part of any digital transformation, you have to empower the employees and as leaders and CEO it starts with you.  It's all very well "you are talking about it".  You are the leader, so lead!