Would you buy a 'digital fashion' outfit for £7,500?.

You're probably thinking WTF as this isn't an actual physical product or item. 

It's a digital design over laid onto a picture of you or your loved one to use as part of your social media profile as highlighted in the link below?

Sounds crazy eh!

To be honest that's exactly what I thought when I read it then pondered on it somewhat from a retail perspective that is.

Any kind of new product design is reliant on the creative designer interpreting trends that will 'sell'. If your into product design you'll know that today digital design concepts are nothing new, they are part of the iterative process for any finished piece of design, especially in fashion ahead of it going into production.

"Another fashion house designing for the digital space is Carlings. The Scandinavian company released a digital street wear collection, starting at around £9 ($11), last October".

It "sold out" within a month.

As social media evolves away from companies using it to simply advertise and promote product and services I can see this innovation as an interesting way to help better understand those potential trends ahead of any manufacture. 

Which of course could mean greater productivity, less waste, which in turn must reduce the carbon footprint for companies adopting a more sustainable business model in the crazy wasteful world of 'fast fashion'.

Is this something you think has merit, of just a fashion fad for the wealthy?