Learning and development has changed and changed again over the years.

There was a time, before the internet when all training was delivered face-to-face, then with the internet the pendulum swung the other way and training was delivered on-line, or was computer based training (CBT).

The focus seemed to be on cost rather than results.

Now there seems to be a different view on things.

If you are delivering facts based training, then this is fine over the internet.  Accept any training that requires change, the training has to be delivered face to face.

As we know, any training delivered via the internet, either people won't do it or they will do other things, such as email while doing it.

At my last company we had certain training delivered over the web and it had a test at the end.  We had somebody in the team whose job it was to do the training (over the web) and get the team to pass.

This is why we deliver our social selling training in both face-to-face and the coaching over the telephone.  Offering the best of both worlds.  Group (social) training and one to one mentoring.

While we are on the subject of training, in our social human resources (HR) program, which is complementary to social selling and is part of our end-to-end digital transformation program with social.  Wew offer a social learning program, which is where we teach Human Resources (HR) departments how to provide social learning.