I remember working for companies many years ago where the known wisdom was "knowledge is power".

It makes sense, you are are the only person that knows about something and people have to come to you for help and advice.  If you are the only person that knows about a subject then you are less likely to get fired.  So goes the logic.

Many people, then realised that these people were "bottlenecks'.  And people feel asking the same person for advice multiple times difficult.  They don't want to be any trouble, so they don't ask.

Fast forward to 2020 and we live in a world of sharing.

The view is that power is sharing.  Power is being helpful and supporting people.  Of course you can work the old way, but it's not attitude de jour.

We run a team call here at DLA Ignite dlaignite.com  You probably think this is a manager / CEO droning on .... we've all been on one of these calls.  Yawn.  It's the teams call, so the team can run the call how they want.

Today was Vimal https://www.linkedin.com/in/vimalrai/ based on Hong Kong ..... he presented his view of Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Service in the travel industry.  Why the travel industry?  Because he has knowledge of that market.

This was great knowledge sharing.

His passion for travel and customer experience is second to know and the power points just lifted off the page.  You, at this point, hopefully want to see this presentation, and you can.

Vimal and I will record this and put it out on YouTube, depending on when you read this blog, it might already be there.

Your prospects and clients are looking for insight and knowledge.  You prospects and clients are looking for people that can help them.

If you work in transport and in customer experience, once you hear this video you will want Vimal to come and help you.

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