"Tis almost the season to be jolly. And with just seven weeks to go before Christmas the inevitable flood of festive advertising is starting to creep out". 

So says 'Mark Ritson', he whose managed to garner a huge following of marketing disciples who like his no nonsense view of the world of advertising, and I have to say I do agree with his article in the link below.

Wait, what's that, did you just say you agree with his article about TV advertising WTF!!!

Well, yes I do, I agree with the view that the best TV adverts are those that tell stories, not those shitty 'sell, sell, sell, intrusive ones.

We have an inbuilt ability to be able to recall stories more than we do with the modern day disease called 'intrusive push advertising'.

Since man became the social animal we are, we have passed on our knowledge via stories, and in many cases through songs. This is something that all tribes around the world have done in order to keep the history and culture alive.

So when you see those nostalgic festive adverts that are all based around storytelling you're actually behaving in the same way our ancestors did.

And what's this behavior saying to us?

Stop selling, start telling more stories, because social media is our new campfire and we all have a story to tell.